Antone's Big Trio & The Bluebonnets


Antone's Big Trio & The Bluebonnets

Tue · April 3, 2018

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm


Antone's Big Trio - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
Antone's Big Trio
Denny Freeman, Sarah Brown, & Corey Keller plus Mike Keller & Eve Monsees

Photo by Bob Zink
The Bluebonnets - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The Bluebonnets
Like a Texas-California combo plate, The BlueBonnets serve up a set of glamorous glitter blues rock complimented with layered girl group harmonies. There is a rough garage band energy to the songs, songs that are held together by tight arrangements and stylistic guitar interplay, solid grooves, and unforgettable melodies. The band formed in 2007, as a restructuring of a former line-up that began in Los Angeles in the 90's. When Kathy Valentine returned to live in her home town of Austin, she decided the city was the perfect place to re-introduce the band that she and Dominique Davalos had conceived when they first began their long musical partnership. The BlueBonnets put a feminine slant on on blues based rock n roll yet cannot fall neatly into any musical category.

"Texas-born, California-reared quartet The BlueBonnets places its spunky, blues-influenced garage rock at the intersection of Janis Joplin earthiness and pre-Matrix Liz Phair coquettishness. Of course, one of the missing links between those touchstones is The Go-Go's, whose bassist Kathy Valentine formed the original incarnation of The Bluebonnets with Dominique Davalos following The Go-Go's 1985 split. Far grittier than the sunshiny new wave of Valentine's name-making act, The Bluebonnets look to classic girl groups the way peak-period Go-Go's made callbacks to vintage West Coast pop—singing about bad dudes, bad chicks, and the bad-ass machines that serve as metaphors for their libidos." – THE ONION

"Austin native and erstwhile ex-Go-Go Kathy Valentine's current combo The BlueBonnets has quietly become one of the best and most distinctive rock & roll bands in town, with a surfeit of seasoned talent and an irresistible swagger that helps to make the foursome's second long-player a consistent blast. Such lyrically barbed numbers as "She's Got Thorns," "Psychometer," and "60 Punishing Minutes," mostly cowritten by Valentine and longtime compatriot Dominique Davalos, who plays bass and sings most of the leads, merge bemused adult insight with inventive, surprise-filled melodies that show off the quartet's combustible chemistry. The tunes' glammy hooks are driven home by the infectious guitar riffage of Valentine and busy local axe heroine Eve Monsees, and locked down with punchy persistence by Davalos and drummer Kristy McInnis. "I Like Lies" and "Have a Nice Day," sung by Valentine and Monsees, respectively, further embody the band's endearing mix of cockiness and craft, as does an authoritative reading of Roy Head's 1965 smash "Treat Her Right." – THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Venue Information:
305 E 5th Street
Austin, TX, 78701